Goddess Envelope by Elizabeth Kyle’ Front. C6

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This is one of two envelopes I designed for my greeting-cards: the other being  for men.  When I do eventually have a new range of greeting-cards, this is going to be on the front of the envelope.

I have a version of this one on Zazzle in the mean time.

 It is shown back to front so must not really want to be there. I have ordered some to see what they are like and will give you my report after they arrive, below. They take a month to make.

 I have also made a Calendar entitled ‘The Mystical Unicorn’

 If YOU wish to be the September Calendar Girl, I can put you there.

 Seasonal Blessings, Elizabeth xxx


What people are saying about Elizabeth’s Art:

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Dream Weaver

What people are saying about Elizabeth’s Visionary Art:

Doreen Virtue’s Oracle Cards and an Australian artist.

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 In 2003 I was privileged to be chosen to have some of my Visionary Art in Doreen’s Oracle decks, books and greeting cards.

Perhaps the two paintings with which you may be most familiar are White Wind which appears on the box and book covers, as well as inside Doreen’s Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards:

and Celtic Madonna which appears on:

Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards.

I have nine of my paintings featured in Doreen’s Goddess Guidance deck. Some of the cards were created from existing paintings and some were painted especially for this deck.

I am given the visions for my paintings from the Goddess – in her different manifestations – Gaia (Mother Earth) being my major source, but I have had a close association with Athena and Epona especially, as well as others.  So what-ever names we have given the visions – the message within is still the same.
I painted DanaHigh Priestess (which I entitled Celtic Madonna) in 1992.

One of the visions I asked for especially for Doreen, is Nemetona – Goddess of Sacred Places, especially those associated with Nature.

Oonagh is from one of  my favourite paintings, Lady of the Dawn. Actually  Lady of the Dawn is one of a pair. Here they are in their entirety. The second painting  is called Kahurangi o te Haeata which is Maori for Lady of the Dawn. (Yes, I am originally a New Zealander – now living in Australia.)  With the pair I was attempting to show ‘Unity within seeming Diversity’.  Just as is one mother’s love for her daughter, so is another’s.

Oonagh‘s message is Easy Does it – Everything is occurring in perfect timing. It certainly was for me when I painted these paintings… a magical story.

  Another Card image I painted specifically was Abundantia.
                   Abundantia is about prosperity and being open to receive it.                   “The Universe is pouring its abundance out to you.” Doreen.

AeracuraAeracura (Cosmic Orchids in my catalogue) was painted in 1987, and what a perfect image for Aeracure -Blossoming.  “You are just getting started, so have patience with yourself and the process, and do not give up.” – Doreen.

Isn’t Doreen always so gentle to the soul in her wisdom?

Athena – Inner WisdomThis is the whole painting of Athena, which I entitled A Presence in 1993.  Its story has an association with Athena. It would have to wouldn’t it? – with that beautiful barn-owl sitting there. You can see more about the creation of this painting  on Vimeo – Elizabeth Kyle. OWLS on this web-page. elizabethkyle.wordpress.com

Another of my favourite paintings, Morning Glory, 1987,is the most beautiful Isolt – Undying Love.

          She was the most beautiful vision I have ever seen.  She still ‘speaks’ to me and other people, so the essence of Her is vibrant – even in reproductions of the original work  – like  in these cards. I hope She speaks to you.                                   Pele –  The Hawaiian Goddess of  Volcanoes                                                                                             Divine Passion

Pele was painted especially for Doreen. She is encouraging us to follow our heart’s true desire.

 The final Elizabeth Kyle card in the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards is Coventina.Painted in 1984, She was entitled Neptune, which was the cause of some controversy. Well, I saw the sea as feminine, and still do

What a wonderful image for Coventina – Purification.

If you pull this card it is time for you to take time “for a cleansing detoxification of your body and mind”.


Now we will have a quick look at my two cards in Doreen Virtue’s  Magical Unicorn Oracle Cards – for children of all ages.My signature painting, White  Wind is the box and book cover image.

 Also featuring on the backs of all the cards is this magical unicorn. He has brought blessings and healing to many over the twenty-four years of his manifestation in this form.
  The Magical Unicorn card on which he features is called Best Friends – True friends stick together, no matter what. And that is very true of every person who loves unicorns, because unicorns are Messengers of Love – and only someone with a very pure heart can ever get near a unicorn or even know that the do, indeed, exist. If you have a friend who loves unicorns, you know he or she would make a beautiful  friend.  (See my Vimeo called White Wind.)

  You are Gifted  –  You are very intelligent and talented.

From the painting entitled A Portrait of a Unicorn. I have continued to paint unicorns. See more on Facebook : The Art of Elizabeth Kyle.

 I hope you have these beautiful Doreen Virtue Oracle decks in your collection – which also  include works of other amazing artists.

Thank you for sharing this with me.

Elizabeth xx

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Cosmic Orchids  1997

Princess of Fire

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This mixed-media work is entitled ‘Princess of Fire’.

She is to appear in my upcoming Elizabeth Kyle Oracle Deck.

How I met my guide and protector – Rangi

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Earth-formed Maiden

      As a young child I could sense and see Nature spirits and energies.  On one occasion, when I was six years old, I had a most terrifying experience.  (But I will tell you what it was in my upcoming book, rather than here.)  I took refuge in the New Zealand native bush which offered a safe-haven between two worlds of absolute horror – one in the past and one in the future.  The bush was on the other side of the road to my parents’ dairy-farm at Katikati, and was out-of-bounds to me, but I loved going to that magical place because no-one ever looked for me there. I thought of it as my real home. I had already made friends with the soft moss-covered rocks that were my cushions, and the trees, who were my protective canopy and the fantails (New Zealand native willy-wag-tail birds) who were my happy companions.

On this particular occasion, terrified, I curled up under ferns, trembling and frightened, hoping no-one would find me – so scared to go home and face the inevitable consequences, most likely without being allowed a word in my defence.

Then, all of a sudden, out of the ether, appeared a

Greatest of All Grand Mothers

  Whakaruruhau     The Sheltering Guardian

with Maori features and adorned in a magnificent cloak lined with white feathers – a kahu huruhuru or korowai.

She exuded Love, the likes of which I had never before felt, and she permitted me to find comfort and safety cuddled inside her softest-feathered cloak with her, and to feel her warmth. This was the first time I can remember meeting this Great Lady, but she was to play a major part in my life…as you will soon see.

Like the loving and trustworthy Elder,

Tane’s tall majestic trees,

with their soft feathered cloak,

Protect the forest children

 as they grow towards the light.

Maori feathered cloaks from the 1600’s period have been found.

So… Was this Great Lady in her queenly-cloak a regal symbol of Maoridom,

or was She a spirit of a noble Maori woman of this region,

or was She the ghost of one of my ancestors that I don’t  know about,

or was She an angelic messenger of the Mother Goddess Energy,

or was She a personification formed from the collective-energy of protective foliage,

or was She even a manifestation from Tane Mahuta, Maori God of the Forest and Man?

Māmā Pūriri   Puriri Mother

As a child I visited the Whakarewarewa Thermal Wonderland in Rotorua where I discovered the visionary and prophet, Rangitiaria Dennan (1896-1971)

– other-wise known as  Guide Rangi.

 I decided to name my secret Great Lady –  Rangi.

Rangi in my Life and Art

At Tauranga Girls’ College, New Zealand, I created artworks with New Zealand themes.

But at Elam Art School in Auckland I was told not to paint SPIRALS, which I felt were significant and powerful.

So as soon as I finished art school, and could afford to do so, I started painting my New Zealand Paintings.

Centre panel of Ngahere Wairua   Bush Spirit    1973     Oil on Canvas

I would ask my beloved Rangi to show me visions, and that is what I painted. There are several hundred of these paintings building up to a crescendo of four-of-the-most-forceful works I have painted – the final being Tears of The Albatross, which guided me through my lone Spiritual Awakening Experience.

Roimata o te Toroa   Tears of the Albatross   1983

These paintings before 1983 are no more or less spiritual than my Celtic/Gaia paintings, which were to follow. I had just put on a different cloak.

 It was as though I was a small tree growing in the forest, protected by the taller trees – and suddenly – I shot out through the top of the forest canopy and could see a bright more encompassing view – a more global view. I was looking to the future wellbeing of our Planet, Mother Earth, rather than that of the past of my beloved homeland, New Zealand.

 You will be able to view all my New Zealand paintings in my upcoming book entitled ‘The Rangi Visions”.


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Owls by Elizabeth Kyle from Elizabeth Kyle on Vimeo.

Horse Power by Elizabeth Kyle from Elizabeth Kyle on Vimeo.

White Wind

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Introducing Elizabeth Kyle from Elizabeth Kyle on Vimeo.

I am a visionary surrealist and symbolist.
In New Zealand I am still often known by my maiden name Elizabeth Grainger. I recieve my paintings as lucid visions. They are channelled, and I am the scribe. Often containing planetary, as well as personal messages, the paintings speak for themselves.
In this introduction to my paintings and artwork I will be
discussing my favourite painting, White Wind.
Watch out for more glimpses into my world and what was my inspiration for my paintings.
Thank You.

The Two-headed Pouakai

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My most recent painting 30th April 2011:
Te Pouakai Ūpoko Taki Rua
was painted specially for my son, Benjamin, to celebrate his 30th birthday.


My New Zealand style (1972-1983) was specifically requested by Ben, and it was interesting for me to see what I would paint nearly thirty years after painting my last work in this style, and even if Rangi would allow me to do it, and bless me by guiding me again.
Yes, I had an art-life before my Celtic one. 
I am sixty years old now and my art has spanned over forty years.
I am at the final stages of writing The Rangi Visions – one of three books including most of my artworks. The Rangi Visions is about how my art was born, art from College years, Elam Art School, Visionary New Zealand paintings, Symbolism in Art (Maori and European), my Spiritual Awakening Experience and then introducing you to the Celtic paintings, some of which you may already be familiar. The books are mystical and deep – about our Soul’s Journey, with very little of the mundane in them.
I have chosen Te Pouakai Ūpoko Taki Rua as the cover of The Rangi Visions as it incorporates symbols talked about in that book as well as in The Gaia Visions
and the still-being-painted-and-written Castle Visions. 


Te Pouakai Ūpoko Taki Rua

The Two-headed Haast’s Eagle (Harpagornis Moorei)
Acrylic on Canvas   420x500mm    2011 

Two-headed depictions of birds such as the Eagle and Phoenix have appeared on coats-of-arms for centuries.  They are a symbol of Duality – with two heads sharing one body.

The South Island of New Zealand was the home of the largest eagle the world has known – the magnificent Pouakai or Haast’s Eagle. Unfortunately the Pouakai became extinct around the 1400s, perhaps due to the Maori’s killing the Moa to extinction – the huge, lightless bird  which was thought to be the Pouakai’s major food source, The Pouakai had a shorter wingspan than other eagles, enabling it to weave through forests rather than soar like other eagles.
In this painting, to me, the two heads of the eagle represent the duality of our-selves: our masculine and feminine sides, physical and spiritual aspects, giving and receiving, gentleness and strength, and so forth: the balance of which we require to be whole people – to live fully and balanced lives and find our special place in the world.
With the modern emphasis on technology, reason and separating things into neat boxes, I would hate to see our trustworthy intuition, awesome individual uniqueness, and understanding of our Unity with All become submerged or overwhelmed.
I hope the book on which this will be the cover will illustrate both my feminine intuitive, creative, feeling side, and my masculine logical and practical side. Without either I could not have my visionary art.
Perhaps this painting is encouraging us to embrace and nurture both sides of ourselves, whether we are male or female, so that we, as a race and indeed – planet, don’t become extinct like the mighty Pouakai…. or Moa.

The comparative sizes of a grown man’s skeleton, the skeletons of two (of the six) species of Moa – Donirnis Giganteus and Aptornis Didiformis, and the Pouakai (Haast’s Eagle, Harpagornis Moorei)